St Mary Magdalene, Duns Tew, Oxfordshire: Burns Night supper, 27 January 2024

We were delighted to play at a Burns Night supper fundraising event in Duns Tew village hall on 27 January. The event was beautifully organised by Clare and team with lovely food and refreshments. I think it’s the first time that we’ve had a table set for us (complete with candle) on the stage and so we were literally the top table! Thank you Clare and St Mary Magdalene church for your kindness and hospitality, we really enjoyed the night.

Our thanks to Clare and team: (left to right): Richard, Clare, Rachel, Thabo, Julie, Donald, Toni

Organiser Clare writes: What a fabulous, joyful evening you gave us yesterday! Thank you so much. We so enjoyed the different style sets of music. I particularly enjoyed the Gospel set and the chance to sing along with the chorus.  Such a lovely and, as you said, prayerful, chance to sing with others. You never know what journeys might be started, as a result. We loved the way you addressed the haggis, too! It was lots of fun. We haven’t totted everything up, but profits are looking to be in the region of £600. We have recently applied to the Diocese to plumb in a kitchen sink in our church. This will make catering for after-service teas and coffees easier. We thought we had enough to cover it, but costs have gone up a bit since we got quotes originally, so this extra income will ensure we can afford to do the work.