Other Music

We participate in a wide array of musical genres and can provide anything from popular classics for parties and special events to reflective songs for retreats. This page highlights some of the musical projects facilitated by Gospel Bell’s musicians, singers and song-writers. If you are an event organiser and you’d like to know more about any of these projects, please contact us so that we can discuss how we might tailor our music specifically for your event.

Donald McCombie

Donald McCombie is an accomplished multi-instrumentalist, singer, song-writer and story-teller with extensive experience in performing solo, with others and in facilitating ensemble music. A recent collection of Donald’s work is geared for retreats and for personal reflection, centred on the world around us. Donald writes: Conceived as a performance that incorporates music and the spoken word (readings and poetry) the purpose of these songs is to celebrate the spirit of life and to recognise the importance of the many and varied approaches to holistic development. Donald’s work can be performed in part or his song collection can form the basis of an evening performance centred on re-imaging the beauty of the world around us [SoundCloud Link]. For more information, please visit Contact Us.

Sean Sandland at St Peter and St Paul’s, Deddington

Sean Sandland was a seasoned singer, song-writer, entertainer and musician with long experience of live performance in pubs, clubs, holiday camps and more recently residential homes for the elderly. Sean loved to write songs based on real life experiences and his songs illustrate his skill in telling stories through words, tunes and music that reflect his wry and often humorous observations of people and events. Sean and Richard recorded two albums of his original music that are featured below. Sean plays guitar and sings, backed by Donald, David, Troy, Toni, Richard and Susie (on Claudine). Sean passed away on 27 August 2021. [SoundCloud Link].

Richard Teare

For many years, Richard Teare played keyboards in church worship bands and more recently bass with Gospel Bell and other bands. In the mid-1990s he co-wrote (with singer, song-writer and guitarist John Brooks) The Journey – a lengthy concept piece in a genre of its own! Richard describes this as progressive Gospel rock. The work draws on all four Gospels to portray the character of Jesus and the story of his life using narration, drama, dance and music. More than 25 musicians, singers, dancers, dramatists, narrators and sound and light crew performed The Journey at a number of venues, the aim being to present the mission and message of Jesus Christ in a modern way and to apply his teaching to contemporary society. The Journey includes 28 songs, musical interludes, dramatic readings and reflections [SoundCloud Link].