St Mary’s Adderbury Christmas tree Festival, 08 December 18

Gospel Bell were delighted to perform again at the annual Christmas tree Festival at St Mary’s Adderbury. As ever, the church looked really beautiful and it was a pleasure to engage Festival-goers with our brand of Gospel music. Over to our left, I noticed that a young mum (Emma) and her toddler danced during most of our set while her baby – too young to dance – but transfixed from the comfort of a pram – watched us intently. Our goal is to encourage all who attend the events we play at to participate – sing – dance and connect with the spiritual truths that our songs contain. Thank you Emma and your children for your joyful reaction to our music (others were shuffling their feet too!) and afterwards, for taking the lovely photo below. I especially like the fact that Donald’s head is suffused by Angels!