31 March, 2023: Chelmsley Wood Baptist Church, Birmingham

On Friday 31st March, Donald, Toni and Richard played a community concert at Chelmsley Wood Baptist Church, Birmingham. Revd. Neil Roberts and team had done a fantastic promotional job and the auditorium was full of people who sang with us.

Neil Roberts, our genial host behind the bar

Neil also doubled as bar tender in chief. The feedback was really encouraging: Neil wrote to say that everyone had enjoyed the event which had drawn a wide audience from the church and wider community centre groups. Neil went on to say: For us the important part of the evening is getting people together. Building and growing community is part of our mission here and your music and approach helps us to do that by offering great music, well performed, with a sensitive and interesting presentation. Having said that, we also ‘accidentally’ raised £200, which is very helpful! We’ll look forward to the next time!

A happy evening – Richard, Donald and Toni