Silver Bough at Talton House, Newbold on Stour, Warwickshire Friday 16 June 2023

We always enjoy playing Ceilidhs at Talton House and last night, we played outside with joyful dancing on the lawn! There have been dwellings at Talton House since before the Middle Ages. At the time of the Domesday book, Talton belonged to the church; there are traces of a medieval building (in the larder), and a Tudor farmhouse (in the attic). The main body of the House was built in 1714, the same year the false acacia tree was planted on the lawn. This tree is on the register of ancient trees. The Hall and first floor of the Wing are Victorian, and it was at this time that the park landscaping was carried out (ie. Many of the lime and chestnuts planted, and the water in front of the House made ornamental).

Music in the garden with (left to right) Julie, Jackie, Donald, Toni and Richard

Our thanks to the residential group who booked us to play and danced with much enthusiasm and to all the team at Talton, led by Olivia and Barney Hatch.